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Well how do I start?
 well many years ago I had a dream
 one that meant more to me than any other one.
What is the true meaning of a car show?

See I was the entertainment at car show's through out the bay area
for many years,
 I stopped and listen to the people on how disappointed 
they were in/at the events, and how they were ran.
you could see that there was something missing.
as well as I was at a lost for words, 
too see and hear
what people felt about these shows.
 To me it was not fair to charge registration fee's to the car owners,
 any event should be honored
 to have these people that take their time out
 and spend money for fuel and many other things
and bringing such fantastic vehicles to these events.
And I notice
 that something was was missing in the air.
These events were so business like,
the people were in the same atmosphere they just had left 
like work, or carrying the days issues  with them.
 To me that was wrong! 
So I set out to change that!
 and ya know what? 
" I DID"!
For my shows meant more to me
 lining my back pockets or 
competition with any other shows .
to me it needed to feel like 
We all reside in a buildings that we call home, 
but the word 
 to me is a moment in time,
where we feel like we can lower our guards down,
kick up our feet.
 and are at/in one of the best places / moments 
in our lives.
Where we /most of us strive every day to reach. 
Our shows have this 
our purpose is to bring people and comminutes together to 
relive this moment in time and to build strength to help others 
in times of need,
 as well as protecting that word 
See to us " my extended family / soldiers"
we have kept this as how our car show are ran
we keep the politics and the
technicality of politics out of our shows
we come together for the greater good 
and to have a place  that we can call



 Hello all,
Well another year is at foot  ,
We start  on April 10th from 5pm - 8pm every Friday 
till September 25th which will be our
for the season.

we are still taking donation for the 
care of my son Tristan
who has leukemia ,
we have a donation button to the right side of
this site if you like to help,
 as well as a donation box at our event, 
 thank you all,
and we will
see the rest of you Friday night.  


From my son and family 
we say," thank you"
Remember our shows 
 Always FREE to show/attend:

 bring all your classic rides: cars/ trucks / motorcycles / military. 


We have:  Food / vendors / and a raffle,
we also have

Many different styles of cars at the event 
 Vintage Winston race cars to the Bugatti veyron, 
to classic to domestic, and imports.
and guess what?
free free free

for any information contact us at 
1-510-455-3093 or
email us at
thanks as always 
professor j.

current news


professorj, Mar 22, 12 11:08 PM.

This will be a place that we will keep everyone up to date
so stay tuned

Well everyone and anyone on the 11 of Aug 2013,We were dealt a 
major blow my 3 year old son Tristan was diagnosed with
 A.L.L leukemia.  not in my worst nightmares did I see this
coming . well most of you know me I have with my shows been
 raising funds for so many different charities 
for over 10 years , and now I stand on the other side 
asking for help and I only hear my voice and a few 
echoes back  first I want to thank all for keeping 
Tristan in prayers  and to those who have helped 
but I am reaching out please help me 
save my son ,
help me make sure our phone bill and rent and insurance
for our transportation get paid  and the right 
kind of food for him  and some 
medical unforeseen costs 
so please help us I beg of anyone please help .
and when I have my shows in the future we will raise funds 
only for my son though our raffle and donations at our shows
as well  
we do take donations any time 
any amount the more of course the better 
so with a heavy heart and a broken spirit and a lost soul
I ask please help me save my family and
 thank you

To help keep our show going or donate for my son   
any help is greatly welcomed 
there is a donation 
$$-Pay Pal-$$ 
Email me with contact info and 
i will make arrangements   

 Stay tuned here for current details.
thank you for your patients.
Feel free to email me for any further information

Professor J





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